Aluminum Plus Emergency Canopy RepairAluminum Plus offers a range of maintenance and repair services covering issues from large to small. 

Emergency Repair Services

When a canopy is struck by a vehicle or damaged by strong winds, loose or hanging parts can pose a significant hazard and liability for your gas station. We offer a 24 hour response on hazardous repairs to get your gas station running at full capacity as quickly as possible. Examples of emergency repairs include: structural damage to any column or structural steel component and loose or hanging gutter/fascia/hood materials.

Standard Repairs

If your gas station canopy, column cladding, or convenience store building gets hit by a vehicle and sustains damage, we will work with you or your insurance company to complete the repairs quickly and effectively. 

Preventative Maintenance

Over time, the elements cause damage to gas station canopies resulting in leaks or general disrepair. Ignoring one of your biggest investments can be costly. A simple gutter cleaning and sealing prevents rust and prevents future leaks. As the leaves decay in the gutters, they release an acid that erodes the protective coating on the gutters and allows rust to eat away the metal. We also provide a pressure washing service to wash away dust and prevent unsightly dirt from the fascia.

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